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  Chance Gardner Audio & Video Bio below:
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        Chance started out as a singer songwriter.  His first professional gig was in 1971 as the opener for the Capricorn Records Scouting Session at Auburn University.  His first published song was "Looking in the eyes of Love" recorded by The American Band that next year.  Chance opened his first Recording studio "Real 2 Reel" in Atlanta, Georgia in 1974..."Hey, this is boring, let me tell the story, okay?"

       " I played a lotta gigs in a lotta tiny stages and then moved on to bigger stages of my life.  After many attempts at understanding the "business" in Music Business, I realized that you have to believe in what you do and not change to follow new trends unless you like them.  I moved to Boston in 1980 because life on the road was silly for a new dad and played in the clubs there through to the nineties.  I worked in Radio at WBCN in Boston for DJ Charles Laquidara, and Production Director Tom Sandman and with other crazies like Billy West.  My most fun was having Joe Piscopo sing my song parody of "Addicted to Love" called "Addicted to Chuck"(the DJ) as Frank Sinatra with lines like "that coo coo mile". Allright, allright, you had to be there.  Anyway, the station is where I spent endless hours editing tape on the same model Ampex machines that the Beatles recorded their early stuff on.  By the time I left WBCN we had these experimental CD Players in the air studio, but had the same songs cued up on vinyl in case they stuttered or didn't play at all.  Good idea!  Digital editing fascinated me.  I had built my first computer in 1982 as a lame attempt to communicate with my son.  I tried fishtanks but that didn't work either.  He became a sophisticated computer games player and I moved the fishtank to the living room.   The early morning (3AM to Noon) shift was also getting old and so I became a TV Producer.  As staff at Cablevision of Boston I learned that biz from the ground up.  My TV mentor was production Manager Bob Tingle.  Bob is an Emmy winning producer both in broadcast and cablecast TV.  In fact he even won the first Cable Ace award.  Hey I got some too.  While my series "Live on Tape" was very popular it was too underground to win awards, but I was called "Boston's Rock Impressario" in print once or twice.  The show was Boston local bands live at most of the clubs in town.  I received a NECTA award for producing the Summer series "Party in the Parks", a joint venture between Cablevision and the Boston Parks and Recreation Department.   Got one for a show that never got taped with Willie Nelson but that's a long story.  Anyway I was still engineering audio sessions and working in the early digital days when I joined the team at (((PureSounD))) in Boston.
         Mastering is as challenging as it is fulfilling.  It's the last creative chance (pun) to make it sound better.  I've mastered everything from classical to grunge and believe me Boston has it all.  There are over 2,000 listed original bands in Boston every year by the Boston Phoenix.  The last project I did in Boston was "Boston Gets a Grip", a compilation of Boston's hottest original bands doing a tribute to Aerosmith (they're from Boston you know, and The Cars and Peter Wolf and ...).  Not only did I get to master it but, my band was chosen to be in it too.  My two favorite songs on it are "Crazy" (yes, Chance Gardner's Allston Brothers Band) and Gary Cherone's (Van Halen, Extreme..) Houndstooth with "Dream On".   Moving to Maui to open Puresound Maui was not so strange for me as I have said "Aloha Y'all" hundreds of times on TV.  I didn't want to get bored so among other things I managed REZIN and Soulflower here on Maui.  I enjoy the local music here too.  It's quite mellower mostly but exciting in a not so loud way (except for REZIN!).  Oh yeah and I've mastered top ten National hits and all that other stuff."

Aloha Y'all,