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RadioMaster tm CD One-Offs

CD for Retail, Radio or Label Presentation with full Graphics!
           LOCAL BANDS:
     Here at Miami Audio Services we offer a special package for local bands.
    Sell your CD's at your Concert, Hotel or Party Gig!
            You don't have to make a thousand CD's.  Make as few as 20 retail-Ready CD's with full color 4 panel booklet, tray card in jewel box and shrinkwrap for say, $5.50 each (from finished master and client supplied graphics) and sell them for $15 to $20 each.  Come back and make more at the 100+ price ($4.00)!!!  You can even build up your Fan list by mailing them info on your new CD.

Sell your CD's at local music stores and on the web!

    Your Retail-Ready CD made here looks as good or better than a factory CD because we use photo paper and higher resolution printing !  UPC Code !  Shrink Wrap ! And you don't have to order 1,000 !
Plus we offer services like MP3 conversion and upload to , and many other sites that can promote your disc!

Also great for Party DJ's to hand out to prospective clients.  Your mixes on a promo CD or CardDisc!

 As Promo pieces your RadioMaster CD can also be a CD-ROM with band bio, pictures and even a short video.

Call for Prices.

Quick Turnaround!!!.


    A CD One-Off is a popular term for a Recordable Compact Disc.    In the old days, CD's made without master PQ subcodes did not play on all professional decks found in Radio stations.    Thats why we developed the RadioMaster  CD.  Some of those decks are still around.

    RadioMaster CD's include tray card and even printing on the disc for presentations, radio pre-release singles or label-interest promo's.
    Don't forget Music CD's as RadioMaster discs should be mastered differently from your CD for sale.  The simple reason behind this is that most Radio stations compress and excite the signal  path to control different volume material and so your super loud and compressed disc which sounds great in car or at home could actually sound quieter and wimpy on the radio.