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  Don "Freehand" Kauli'a:  New Solo Acoustic Release 
Already nominated for a Hawaii Music Award !!!
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    This year marks the release of Don’s first solo slack key album “Freehand” on MANAWA Records.  Produced by Don and Chance Gardner at Puresound Studios on Maui, the album includes eight original compositions by Don. The Album was recorded without any effects or tricks showcasing the talent of the artist -- the reverb you hear is natural and the fade-outs are from Don’s hands.  The CD was officially released at the Maui KI HO ALU Slack Key Festival Sunday, June 24th.  The crowd loved his performance so much he had fans asking him to autograph the new release backstage as soon as his set was over (after “Hana Ho” encore) and  “Freehand” became the best selling CD of the festival.  The concert promoter, Milton Lau, told Don “You remind me of Gabby” after Don’s energetic and passionate performance and later invited him to play the Oahu KI HO ALU Festival in Honolulu on Sunday August 19th.  Don’s CD “Freehand” is now available at your favorite record stores in the State of Hawaii and on the internet at

Sorry Don Kauli'a "Freehand" CD is out of print